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 Feb 14 

China’s military expedition to Transoxiana and its defeat by Iran

    On 14 February AD 102 (according to chroniclers 14 February), Vadi, the then Emperor of China, took advantage of the conflict between Iran and the Romans in the West, and dispatched an army of 40,000 soldiers to Transoxiana area. This attack in Ferghana region, midway of Khojand and Samarghand, without the need for troops from the camps in Tapurestan (Mazandaran) and Aserpatekan*(Azarbaijan), was beaten by the local Parthian (Khorasan) army and many Chinese soldiers were taken prisoner. The Chinese prisoners had disclosed that the purpose of this attack was to get hold of horses in Ferghana Valley, which were bigger, stronger and sturdier than Chinese horses.
    The case was reported to Mahestan (Iran Senate) in Ctesiphon and it was decided that if the Chinese ruler apologizes the Chinese prisoners would be freed and 3000 horses, mainly mare, would be sold to the Chinese Khagan, which proposal was accepted by the Chinese Khagan and instead of cash, silk was paid to Iran as the price of the horses.
    Aserpatekan is taken from Asarpati (Azarbod) the ruler and Mobed (Zoroastrian priest) of this area who was ruler of the province during Alexander’s invasion of Iran.
    Translation by Rowshan Lohrasbpour




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