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 Dec 9 

Haroon Al Rashid made an Iranian statesman his minister
Haroon Al Rashid

This piece of history will be completely edited later

    On 9 December 794 AD Haroon Al Rashid, the powerful Abassid Qaliph, made Yahya Barmaki, who was an Iranian and famous for his knowledge of administration and politics and trustworthiness, his minister, in order to reorganize his empire. Haroon, who was a clever man, knew that the survival of his vast empire depended on appointing an efficient minister who would have a precise overlook of the financial and administrative affairs of the country. He could not find anyone better than Yahya.
    8 years later Haroon was provoked upon the Barmaki family who had gained fame and power. There are many stories about this part of history. The problem started from breaking an oath which was made between Jafar Barmaki, who married Haroon’s sister, and Haroon himself (Jafar who had married Abbaseh, Haroon’s sister, had promised Haroon that they would not marry!), and in 802 AD Haroon executed Jafar and put Yahya in prison. Haroon was not satisfied and a few months later ordered the massacre of all the Barmaki’s, except Yahya who died from hunger in prison.
    By studying the historians’ documents about the situation that prevailed during the lengthy period of Qaliphet of the Abbasids, including the Tabari history, we come to thousands of such executions and massacres, which was a normal matter among the Arab rulers. Qaliph would appoint one with honor and respect and seat him next to himself and would even make him his son-in-law, and the next day he would order his murder in the most tragic way.
    Translation by Rowshan Lohrasbpour (AmordadNews writer)




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