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 Oct 18 

Ardeshir Sassanid ordered to build the city of Bardsir

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Ardashir (coin)

After comparing various calendars, 18 October 1222 AD is calculated to have been the day when Ardeshir Sassanid, the son of Papak and ruler of Persia, gave the orders to build a city in the satrapi (province) of Kerman and name it ‘Vah Ardeshir’, which after falling into the hands of the Arabs, is called Bardsir. Ardeshir, who had previously built a military fort in the suburbs of Kerman city, on a hill, decided to build Bardsir only when he became sure of the support of Shahrat, ruler of the present Kurdistan (Andiyaben), to defeat the Parthians who had become corrupted and weak. Ardeshir had also, by threatening, drawn the agreement of the Isfahan ruler to join him in his plan. After winning over Ardavan, Ardeshir was officially crowned in Anahid Temple of Persia (Estakhr, near Shiraz) in 226 AD. He had at first planned to make Kerman the capital of Iran, but after entering Ctesiphon he changed his mind and let the capital remain in the same
     city (Madaen, near Baqdad).
    Translation by Rowshan Lohrasbpour (AmordadNews writer)




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