Iranians History on This Day

 Jun 24 

Hundreds of clergy:
Bagher Khan Saaduldawlah
On June 24, 1907 (3rh of Khordad, 1276) hundreds of clergy under the guidance of Sheikh Fazlullah Noori gathered in the city of Ray to protest the government of Iran not to establish the Parliamentary systems (constitutionalism).Their slogan was: “Islamic regime, yes. the parliamentary systems, no.”. They also signed letters and sent telegrams to many cities and towns asking people to go to the streets to protest and condemn the parliamentary system.
     In the same day in the city of Zanjan (a north western city) with the encouragement of a high - ranking clergy, The Governorship building was raided and the governor Bagher Khan Saaduldawlah was killed by the mob.




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